Blues (1994) [reissued] tape.

Self-titled (2004) [reissued] tape/cdr.

Supply Nurse Could Self Destruct (2005) [reissued] cdr.

Boxed (2007) contained first two releases. cdr.
What Have They Done to Our Daughters? (2007) [reissued] cdr.

Screams from the Black Museum (2008) [reissued] cdr.

French Sex Murders (2008) [reissued] cdr.

Who Saw Her Die? (2008) [reissued] cdr.

Crimes of the Black Cat (2008) tape.

La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte (2008) tape.

Death on the Edge of a Razor (2008) tape.

Red Cats in a Glass Labyrinth (2008) tape.

Schizo (2008) tape.

The Killer wore Gloves (2008) cdr.

Body Count (2008) tape.

Covered in Red (2008) with Indch Libertine. tape.

So Sweet So Perverse (2009) tape.

Supply Nurse Could Self Destruct/French Sex Murders (2009) with The Rita. cdr.

Death Has No Sex (2009) tape.

Hot Bed of Sex (2009) 3-tape box.

Pensione Paura (2009) free download.

Mrs. Wardh (2009) LP debut.

Scorpion's Tail (2010) with ...Massacre 10" record.

Bay of Blood (2010) 5" vinyl record.

Gli Occhi Dentro (2010) tape.

La Rossa Dalla Pelle Che Scotta (2010) cdr.

Giallo (2010) LP split with ...Massacre, Forced Orgasm, and Naked Girl Killed in the Park.

Scandal in Black (2010) split cdr with The Haters, Fever Spoor, and Government Alpha.

...So that you'll Die Pretty (2011) 3inch cdr.

Footsteps of the Killer (2011) 7inch.

A Dragonfly for Each Corpse (2012) cdr art edition.

Untitled (2012) split with Vomir. tape.

The Inn on the River (2012) tape.

Late at Night It Happened (2013) cdr.

Lately (2013)download only album.

It Kills and Devours the Male (2013) 2xtape set.

Cold Metal Table/Stained in Red (2014) tape.

Nightstalker/Last Seen (2014) split tape with Nervous Corps.

Raya and Sekina (2014) tape.

Les Yeux Cernés (2014) cdr box set.

No One Heard the Scream (2014) tape.

Der Rote Kreis (2014) download album.

Diary of a Thought Criminal (2014) compilation of out of print works.

Black Novel (2015) tape.

Grave Situation/Dead Time Ballad (Pt. 1) (2015) split tape with Blood Eagle.

Last Seen in Black Silk (2015) tape.

Belle Époque (2015) tape.

Slaughtering of the Little Shepherds (2015) 6xcdr box set collection

Bay of Blood (2016) 5inch vinyl reissue.

The Ripper in Winter's Blackout (2016) tape.

Wide-Eyed in the Dark (2017) cd.

The Scenario (2017) live cdr.

A Dragonfly for Each Corpse (2017) tape reissue.

Trace of Death (2017) double tape.

Love, Hate, and Dishonor (2018) tape.

The Possessed (2018) tape.

The White of the Eye/ Lady of the Lake (2018) tape.

Bodies Show Traces of Violent Struggle (2018) tape.

 La Rossa Dalla Pelle Che Scotta/La Peau Qui Brûle (2019) tape reissue.

"5 Dolls" tape.
"Altered States" cdr.
"Bloody Pit of Horror" double tape.
"Harsh Purification" 4-cdr box set.
"Stalking Sickness" 4-mini cdr box set

"In Giallo (HNW Murder Collection)" tape.